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With members in about 40 U.S. states plus England, Ireland, New Zealand and Japan, the Goff-Gough Family Association welcomes all who have an interest in Goff-Gough families, including all variant spellings.  Membership details can be found here.

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You can read our Goff-Gough Family Association's Privacy Polcy here.    Members who reside in the European Union:  please download, read, complete and return attached form, which is required by regulations of the EU.

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Now you can join the Goff-Gough Family Association online by using PayPal and have immediate access to our 36 years of newsletter archives and other member only features.

New GGFA Community Features

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We invite you to check out the features of our new GGFA Community web page:
For Visitors:  Free registration to post and reply to Queries on our new Forum.
For Members: additional features
  • GGFA Photo Galery
  • GGFA Genealogy Database - with more than 6,000 searchable Goff/Gough individuals and their families
  • GGFA DNA Project - details by DNA Family
  • Addtional - Members Only - Forum areas
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A Note About Logins and Passwords

While we have many new features to offer GGFA members, the applications we are using (given our limited budget) each require their own login (user name and password).   The first time a Member uses this site (GGFA Community) or GGFA Genealogy (family trees) you will need to make sure that you are registered.  You can use the same password for both (and also the main GGFA web site).  You will not be able to access all the features of the sites until you complete this process.

July 2020 (Summer) Newsletter

The July 2020 (Summer)  issue of Goffs/Goughs - Their Ancestors and Descendants is now available in the Members Only area.  Guests can view the Table of Contents here.

Newsletter Index

The Goff-Gough Family Association newsletter has entered its 34th year.   Over these three decades members have contributed information about the families to fill more than 4,000 pages.    All issues of the newsletter are available for PDF download in the Members Only area.
Thre is an index to the first 20 years of the newsletter, which contains more than 36,000 Surname entries.   We continue to work on the indexing project and will add more volumes as they are completed.   Thanks to our newsletter editor, Sherri Manker, we now also have an index to all issues from 2012 - 2015.  

Leveraging Tech for our GGFA Research

How can we leverage technology for our GGFA research?
I believe our Goff-Gough family Association has a great opportunity to use existing and emerging technologies to help all of us as we research our families, share our questions and our findings, and preserve our research for future Goff-Gough researchers.  Our Facebook group is a wonderful example.  Here are some other ideas, which I believe could really make a difference in our GGFA research:
  1. Make our 33 years of our GGFA Newsletter (4,000 pages) fully searchable.   All back issues are currently online in the Members Only area of our GGFA website.  You can search each issue, but it is one issue at a time.   An earlier generation of volunteers indexed the first 20 years manually.  That index is also online.   What is the best way to make this happen?
  2. Create an archive for GGFA Member historic photos and documents.  Again this should be searchable.  There are space constraints to our newsletter.   We could more freely accept, store and share GGFA research with the right archival system.
  3. Help GGFA members and friends preserve their research.   How tragic it is when a lifetime of research is placed in a box, put on a shelf, and then perhaps lost years later.   Photos, stories, documents, discoveries.  Treasures are also lost to natural disasters.   Roy Lockkart, for example, had photographed several historic Goff family portraits in West Virginia that were tragically destroyed in historic floods in 1985.
  4. Online sharing and learning.   Many genealogy groups are effectively using platforms like Google Hangouts to have live conversations, seminars and information sharing.   Are there ways in which GGFA members can take advantage of these formats?
  5. Evernote is a hot topic among genealogists these days.   There was even a Google Hangout (see #4) on using Evernote and OneNote for One Name Studies (ie, like Goff-Gough)
  6. DNA – Phil Goff is doing a wonderful job in helping us with our GGFA DNA research.  What tools can we use to help Phil with this project?
  7. Master GGFA Family Tree?   This is an ambitious idea, but some family associations are doing this.   There are some Family Associations that use a web application called TNG –The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding.   One example is here:  http://byingtonfamily.org/
  8. Along with many other ideas . . .
These and other visions are possible – and probably within our capacity  . . .IF . . . we can find a few individuals with the technical skill and experience  AND several others who would agree to help with data management once it is established.   Interested?  Have comments?  Reply on our Facebook page or contact me at webmaster@goff-gough.com.
Bob Inhoff
President and Webmaster

Contribute Your Story

It’s time to start working on the next issue of Goff/Goughs – Their Ancestors and Descendants.   Why not get information on your Goff/Gough family published where other family members will logically look for it, might get in touch with you and share additional information?   We need articles, family group sheets, bible records, wills, and results of your Goff/Gough research, etc. for publication.   Let us hear from you. Send genealogical queries and other materials for publication to Sherri Manker at newsletter@goff-gough.com.

New GGFA Website Features

We are pleased to annouce two new features to the GGFA website:
Family Groups - GGFA members can now filter the Membership List to see if there are other members researching the same ancestor.
New GGFA Forum - we have created an entirely new Forum to suppot Members as well as visitors in their research.

Website Features

We have completely remade our Goff-Gough Family Association website, which now contains two sections: the Public area and a section for Members Only..
Public Area Contents
Members Only Section
  • Newsletter Archives - 30 years of the Goffs/Goughs: Their Ancestors and Descendants
  • Articles on the Goff/Gough Surname DNA Sutdy
  • Forums - More access (Members Only areas), add and view attachments to posts
Coming Soon to the Members Only Section
  • More information on the Goff families, et al.
  • Photo Galley of historic family pictures - if there is interest - and people are able to submit photos

Goff Gough DNA Study

Do You Know What DNA Can Tell You?
By Phillip G. Goff, Charlotte, NC
Phillip Goff is co-author of The Four Goff Brothers of Western Virginia. Since 2004, Mr. Goff has enrolled about 100 participants in the Goff/Gough Surname DNA Study, which is helping answer the question, "Where are the Goffs/Goughs From?"
Genealogy research has been a hobby for me since 1977. In January of that year, Roots, a miniseries based on Alex Haley's novel, was broadcast on television over eight nights. I recall watching, but was truly more focused on the heavy snow that year, which pushed aside school and allowed me to polish my sledding skills. The winter melted into spring and then heated up into summer break. One day that summer my mother pointed out an article titled "Tracing Your Family Tree" in the June 1977 issue of her Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I was hooked.  (read more)
Phil provides regular updates on the DNA project in our quarterly newsletter.
Visit the Goff-Gough Surname DNA Study  website for more information.

Did You Know?

Find-A-Grave lists more than 13,800 records for Goff's in the United States, 3,865 for Gough's and 214 for Goffe's.   You can find a link to the Find-A-Grave website in the "Links" tab on the left side of the page.

From Our Archives

From Goffs/Goughs: Their Ancestors and Descendants
Winter 1986, p 6.
Submitted by Barrett L. McKown
The ship, the USS Goff  DD-247, pictured on the front cover of this issue, was named for Nathan Goff, former Secretary of the Navy and U. S. Senator from West Virginia. The photo is from the collection of the U.S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, Maryland and this write-up is from the Dictionary of American Navy Fighting Ships, Vol. 3, 1969.
Goff was built by the New York Shipbuilding Co., Camden, NJ, and launched 2 Jun 1920; sponsored by Mrs. Nathan Goff, widow of the former Secretary of the Navy; and commissioned at the Philadelphia Navy Yard on 19 Jan 1921. This ship was a hard-working destroyer that saw 24 years of service before being decommissioned and stricken from the Navy Register on 13 Aug 1945.  (read more)