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Goff/Gough Surname DNA Study

Goff-Gough Surname DNA Study Coordinator, Phil Goff reports that we have identified 16 genetically distinct Goff/Gough families through YDNA testing. A coding system defines key characteristics of each family.For example, one of the 16 YDNA family codes is: 1639 GOUGH/GOFF (Oxfordshire, Eng/Bristol Co., MA/Buckingham Co., VA, USA). The date refers to the first confirmed record of this extended family being the 1639 probate of the will of Richard Gough of Souldern, Oxfordshire. Next, common variants of the surname are listed. In parentheses are the earliest known locations where currently unconnected parts of the family lived. The Goff/Gough family groups, proven through Y-DNA testing, follow::
1639 GOUGH/GOFF (Oxfordshire, Eng/Bristol Co., MA/Buckingham Co., VA, USA)
1649 GOFF Wethersfield, CT / NC, USA)
1658 GOFFE/GOUGH/GOFF (New Kent Co., VA, USA)
1665 GOUGH/GOFF (St. Mary's Co., MD / Loudoun Co., VA, USA)
1709 GOUGH (Leicester, Eng)
1745 GOFF (Lee Co., VA, USA)
1763 AUSTIN>GOFF (New London Co., CT, USA
1769 GOFF (Loudoun Co., VA, USA)
1775 GOFF>GAUGHF (Jefferson Co., GA, USA)
1783 GOFF (Duplin Co., NC, USA)
1791 GOUGH (Shropshire, Eng)
1794 BARLOW>GOFF/GAWF (Henderson Co., TN / NC, USA)
1803 GOFF (Tazewell Co,., VA, USA)
1820 GOFF (PA, USA)
1834 FRIEND?>GOFF (Preston Co., WV, USA)
1852 BROCK>GOFF (Cannon Co., TN, USA)
Articles about each of these genetic families, as well as new ones still to be identified, are .published exclusively in the Goffs/Goughs - Their Ancestors and Descendants newsletter. GGFA members can access over 30 years of the newsletter.
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