Goff-Goff Family Association

Understanding the GGFA Newsletter Index

The Goff-Gough Family Association newsletter has entered its 31st year.   Over these three decades members have contributed information about the families to fill more than 3,600 pages.    All issues of the newsletter are available for PDF download in the Members Only area.
Volunteers have indexed more than 25 years of the newsletter and we are working to complete the task.   The GGFA newsletter index has a unique format as seen here:
The index is sorted by Surname and then Given Name.   Each entry provides up to three events, each with a TYPE, DATE, and LOCATION..  The entry also includes the year of publication and the page(s).
In nearly all of the years the newsletter was published quarterly.   Over the years the number of pages changed.   To locate a newsletter referenced in the index, refer to the Newsletter Index Reference - which lists the pages included in each quarterly issue.  The Reference also includes a table of CODES used in the index.