Goff-Goff Family Association

GGFA Newsletter Index

The Goff-Gough Family Association newsletter has entered its 36th year.   Over these three decades members have contributed information about the families to fill more than 4,000 pages.    All issues of the newsletter are available for PDF download in the Members Only area.  Most copies are available for sale in the Store.
We now have more than 24 years of the newsletter indexed.   Because the indexing system is somewhat unique, we encourage you to review Using the Newsletter Index and the Newsletter Index Reference.
Because of size we have divided the index into 10 year groups.   These PDF files are still large (1-2 megabytes).  In the near future we plan to subdivide the index into smaller groupings for those with slower internet speeds.
                       (Contains 15,780 entries, 214 pdf pages, 1.1 MB)
                       (Contains 21,495 entries, 291 pdf pages, 1.5 MB)
                         (contains 76 pdf pages)