Goff-Goff Family Association

GGFA April 2017 Newsletter - Contents

The April 2017 (Spring) issue of Goffs/Goughs - Their Ancestors and Descenants is available in the Members Only area.  Here is the Table of Contents for this issue:‚Äč
  • Message from the President … Phillip G. Goff Page 35
  • 2017 Goff-Gough Gathering ... Ila Dermanoski Page 36
  • Contest for Young Writers Page 37
  • A GAUGHF Family Version of “I Am My Own Grandpa” ... Jerry Miley Page 38
  • GGFA DNA Grant Program Update ... Phillip G. Goff Page 40
  • The Conundrum of Who are William Goff's Parents ...Sherri Manker Page 41
  • Snippets ... Editor Page 45
  • Messages from the Editor … Sherri Manker
  • Welcome New Members Page 45
  • Contributors Page 46
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