Goff-Goff Family Association

Welcome to the New GGFA Forum

Welcome to the new GGFA FORUM, a place where we can ask questions and share information about our Goff – Gough family research.   We have chosen to move to this new Forum to take advantage of several features not available on our current forum.
  • The new Forum is fully searchable.
  •  It supports multiple levels of access.   Visitors will be able to see (and search) any of the public boards.  If they register with the Forum, they will also be able to post (and reply to posts) on public boards.
  • GGFA Members will have the added benefit of being able to add and view attachments such as photos and PDF documents on posts.  Furthermore, the Forum supports the ability to offer Boards with Member Only access.
  • Another key benefit of the new Forum is the Notification feature.   A concern in the past has been that new posts or replies are made without interested parties being aware of them.  With the new Forum, registered users can set their profile to be notified (including frequency) when there is activity on a Board they are following.
  • The new Forum also provides options to assign a Moderator for a specific board.
Anyone who wishes to post on the new GGFA Forum will need to register.   See the “Help” topic below to access directions on how to register.  Unfortunately, GGFA Members will also need to register (user name and password) for the Forum.   You can use the same (or different) login information as you use to access the “Members Only” area of the website.
PLEASE NOTE: New Registration Process
We welcome those researching their Goff-Gough lines to join this community.   Unfortunately, we have had several "spam-like" attempts at registration.   Therefore we are modifying our registration process.   Please send an email to forum@goff-gough.com to let us know that you are interested in registering for the forum.   We will repond by email with instructions for registration.   We regret this inconvenience.  We also refuse to surrender this forum to spammers!
You can access help specifically written for the GGFA Forum by clicking on:
Included are topics such as “How to Register,” “Updating your profile,” “Making Posts,” and “Searching the Forum.”  Additional topics will be added as needed.
Moving from the Old Forum
GGFA’s original Forum was accessible only to members in the “Members Only” area.   Unfortunately, there is no easy way to transfer these posts to the new forum.    However, if you posted to the old forum, you have the option of starting a new post in the new forum and copy the text from your post in the old forum to the new post.
This Forum is still in the process of development.  It is based on an Open Source web application called “Simple Machines Forum” and is being implemented by volunteers of the GGFA.  Open Source applications are free to use – but may not have all of the features and support that we might expect from a commercial application.  Since we are volunteers, we will appreciate your patience and understanding.