Goff-Goff Family Association

Family Groups and a New GGFA Forum

We are delighted to announce two new features on our GGFA website that we hope will enhance our Goff-Gough family research.
Family Groups
Have you wanted to know which other GGFA members are researching a common ancestor?  For many years the GGFA published a membership list in its printed newsletter in which each member could list the earliest ancestor – family line.   The membership list is now an online feature in the Members Only area.   The list can be sorted by last name, first name, state, and now Family Group.   When you go to the Members Only area, the third item, the second item under Members Only on the left is “Membership List.”  Right under this is a page titled “Family Groups” which provides instructions on how to search by Family Group.
This is a feature that is still in development.   We don’t yet have information for all of our members.  If you do not see your earliest ancestor listed, please send the information to webmaster@goff-gough.com or treasurer@goff-gough.com.
The New GGFA Forum
We are also pleased to announce the new GGFA Forum which offers several new enhancements over the current forum.
  • The new Forum is fully searchable.
  • It supports multiple levels of access.   Visitors will be able to see (and search) any of the public boards.  If they register with the Forum, they will also be able to post (and reply to posts) on public boards.
  • GGFA Members will have the added benefit of being able to add and view attachments such as photos and PDF documents on posts.  Furthermore, the Forum supports the ability to offer Boards with Member Only access.
  • Another key benefit of the new Forum is the Notification feature.   A concern in the past has been that new post or replies are made without interested parties being aware of them.  With the new Forum, registered users can set their profile to be notified (including frequency) when there is activity on a Board they are following.
  • The new Forum also provides options to assign a Moderator for a specific board.
Please check out the “Welcome to the new GGFA FORUM” page and the GGFA Forum itself.   As you wlll read in the welcome page, members will need to register for the forum.
We invite you to check out these new features and take advantage of what they have to offer as we continue to develop the resources of our Goff-Gough Family Association website.
We invite your questions and comments.  You can send your questions and comments to webmaster@goff-gough.com or post them on the New Forum on the Board called “GGFA Forum Development and Questions.”