Goff-Goff Family Association

Renew Membership by using PayPal

You can renew your membership to the Goff-Gough Family Association (GGFA) by completing the two following steps:.
Most Member Renewals can be completed by clicking on the Renew Membership button on your Profile Page after you log in.  Instructions here.
If you do not have a RENEW MEMBERSHIP button on your profile page or you wish to change your membership plan, please follow the instructions below.
1,    Select your option from the dropdown list (Renewal - Email, etc)
2.    Be sure to click the  BUY NOW button to complete the proces This will take you to your PayPal account to complete the transaction.
When you have completed this process, you will be referred back to the GGFA website with a Thank You message.
PLEASE NOTE THE DROP-DOWN LIST with the small arrow below.  Click on the arrow - to make the appropriate selection.  When you click on the down arrow you will be able to select you desired option:
Renewal - Email Newsletter - $20.00
Renewal - Newsletter by Mail - $25.00
Sustaining Member - $25,00
New Member - First year $15,00
Select One