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GGFA DNA Project / Re: 1745 GOFF(Lee Co.,VA,USA (The Group)
« Last post by pgo1963 on March 11, 2017, 09:02:26 AM »
If you've not yet done so, I urge you to do the $49 upload and analysis of your Big Y results to This will help identify how you relate to others with the same recent YSNPS. If you choose to do this, you will need to request your Big Y BAM file from FTDNA and then share it with YFull. Thanks,

GGFA DNA Project / Re: 1745 GOFF(Lee Co.,VA,USA (The Group)
« Last post by goffbillkymo on January 17, 2017, 12:33:37 PM »
I just received a 111Y match with a GD of 10.
Butler-Born 1760 Virginia or South Carolina.
Married to a Mary Polly Moore-Died before 1860/70 Monroe Co. Georgia.
This makes it my closest STR match at 111Y that is unexplained.
I have Three 111Y matches. My brother with a GD of 1/ A Baxter with a GD of 4 (I believe this is a Goff cross 1830's Indiana)/ The above Butler.
Bill Goff
2-7-17-The above Butler tested positive for the Z-18128 terminal haplogroup. That makes four surnames with that finding. Shea(4)-Fitzpatrick(1)-Butler(1) and Goff(2). Goff is still the only surname with the STR DYS549 at 10, which is very rare.
3-13-17- The Shea people have moved to a terminal haplogroup of BY15542 & BY15543(below Z18128). Fitzpatrick moved to BY15542. Butler has not taken the "Big Y" test and I have tested
              negative for their haplogroup's. This makes Goff the only tested name with a terminal Z18128 position.
GGFA DNA Project / Re: 1745 GOFF(Lee Co.,VA,USA (The Group)
« Last post by goffbillkymo on October 01, 2016, 11:00:30 AM »
I found many older Irish sites that claim that Irish tradition had a naming pattern for their children. This pattern was the same for Scottish families.

1st son- named after his father's father.
2nd son- named after his mother's father.
3rd son- named after his father.
4th son- named after his father's oldest brother.
5th son- named after his father's 2nd oldest brother or his mother's oldest brother.

1st daughter- named after her mother's mother.
2nd daughter- named after her father's mother.
3rd daughter- named after her mother.
4th daughter- named after her mother's oldest sister.
5th daughter- named after her mother's 2nd oldest sister or her father's oldest sister.

Something to think about.
GGFA DNA Project / Re: 1745 GOFF(Lee Co.,VA,USA (The Group)
« Last post by goffbillkymo on August 19, 2016, 01:25:32 PM »
I believe every one in this group would have a terminal haplogroup of "Z18128". To have the "Z18128"SNP tested cost's $39 at FTDNA (male only). This group has tried to make individual tree's the reason that this group exists. It has been several other names, before it became "The 1745 Goff etc "group. None of these names have reflected the unifying factors that make this group "unique". For years there was a "Thomas Goff" in the "not grouped " section of the "Goff DNA Study". This person from Rhode Island had taken a 37Y dna test from . He had the "type 4 Irish continental"markers  that every one in this group has. His Goff line came from Waterford Ireland , around 1850. Because his "tree" was different from the group, he was excluded from "our" group. This is a "DNA Study" and not a "tree" study. There was a good possibility that his line had remained in Ireland long after our group had migrated to America. This is a possible connection. As a dna study we are trying to make a tree conform to the dna. It is suppose to be the other way around.

This group does belong to "the Irish Type 4 Continental"group. This is a multi-name group that have some similar markers that identify it ,with the group. We are Goff's with very similar Y dna markers, that belong to this group. I am the only person in this group that has taken "The Big Y" test. My terminal SNP is Z18128. I believe every Goff in our group has the same terminal SNP. For this to be wrong would mean that there is more than one Goff line within the "Type 4 Irish Continental" group. This is possible but not very probable. It is $39 for the Z18128 Test and $600 for The Big Y test.

I had my brother tested at 111Y STR and he was off by 1. We are 1 and 1/2 years different in ages. I also had him tested and he was positive for the Z18128 SNP. They say that the SNP is your branch on the tree and the STR's are the leaves. I have a Goff at FTDNA that I am a perfect match at 67Y STR.  We are unable to connect our tree's. 67 Y STR used to be the standard. It now requires an 111Y STR test. The differences are as important as the match's on these tests. The 67Y -111Y STR test includes a marker DYS549 and both myself and my brother have it at "10". Less than 1% of all R1b people (extremely large group) have this . I believe every one in our group will have this and it is extremely slow at mutating.

Please get upgrades.
GGFA DNA Project / 1745 GOFF(Lee Co.,VA,USA (The Group)
« Last post by goffbillkymo on July 03, 2016, 02:38:19 PM »
I am William E Goff, FTDNA (B2394), (9goff32424).
I believe everyone in this group is "brick walled" in their tree's in the mid to late 1700's. I would like to post some information that is relevant to everyone in this group.
I have taken every dna test at FTDNA and ancestry and have managed to get my brother (488478) tested. He and I are off by 1(DYS437) at 111 Y tested.
Due to our genetic Y markers, everyone in the "1745 Goff" group belong to the "Irish Continental/Irish Type 4" Y dna group.
This is not a surname group. It is a larger group with similar Y dna markers.
These are all the people that you connect too at the 12Y, 25Y,37Y and the 67Y test level.
To get past all these distant people, I took the" Big Y" test. I believe I am the only person in our group to take this test.
If you go to this site you will see that my tested haplogroup is "Z18128". It will also show where my/our haplogroup differs from many of the other surnames that show up as "connections" in Y dna tests.
There are only 2 other surname in this "Z18128" group and they are Fitzpatrick and O'Shea. I had my brother tested for the Z18128 haplogroup. He was "presumed" R-M269 and he tested positive for Z18128. I believe that everyone in the "1745 Goff" group would test positive for Z18128.
If we could get everyone in the "1745 Goff" group to upgrade to a 111 Y marker test we would be much closer to finding out how our tree's connect.
My reason for getting into dna testing was to get past a "brick wall". I am only interested in finding out how and when my Goff line entered the USA. I firmly believe that my line is the same as all the Goff's in the "1745 Goff' group.
When I first started with dna I connected with a George Goff at 12Y. He had died with no tree on record. I now have over 300 connections at 12Y. If you expect results you have to test. If you pass away without testing you will only make the wall higher.
For the record. I am old and I live on a very "modest" income. I hope someone finds a box of lost Goff family records and enlightens me. There is a better chance of answers coming through dna.
1745 Goff's have no real connection with people in the "Four Brothers Of Western Virginia"book.

Post your Query Here / Frank(lin) Goff (1830-1863) Middle Tenn. (White County Area)
« Last post by MWilliams on October 15, 2014, 05:53:03 PM »
My paternal grandmother was a Goff from middle Tennessee (Dekalb county). I am currently researching her Goff line and have hit somewhat of a brick wall. Maybe someone could help and point me in the right direction? I have traced my Goff line to Frank(lin) Goff (1830-1863) born and died in Tennessee (White county area). He married Nancy Childress in Dekalb county, TN on May 2, 1856. He was soldier in the civil war: 16th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry Company K. I believe his mother was Nancy Dildine. I believe he had a brother, James Madison Goff (1826-?) who moved from TN to Mill Spring, MO. James had a wife susan. I believe some of his line moved down to Arkansas/ Frank also had a sister Elizabeth Goff (1842-?) who married James Dove and stayed in TN (White and Warren counties). I am trying to find the father of Frank, James, and Elizabeth. Any help, tips, leads is very much appreciated. Thanks!
General Discussion / Re: A Call to Action: Photos Needed
« Last post by pgo1963 on August 13, 2014, 11:13:09 PM »
A photo of Herb Evans was located, but we still need one of Mary K. Barnard.
Post your Query Here / Re: Goff Lineage
« Last post by pgo1963 on August 13, 2014, 11:10:28 PM »
Hi Kimberlee, please check out the April 1989 newsletter, which includes information on your family, including references to a family bible. I also urge you to write an article for the GGFA newsletter on your research, either focusing on the facts or the process of the search. Let me know if the 1989 newsletter info is helpful. Thanks,

Phil Goff
Post your Query Here / Goff Lineage
« Last post by kaburkhamer on February 08, 2014, 11:09:45 PM »
I am new to this and just beginning the research. I have been able to trace my Goff history back to Kentucky. I have a Calvin Goff, b 1833? married to Rachel (Bratcher). According to the family history, his father was Isaac Goff married to Polly Reynolds. I found an old record of Isaac with a child listed as James C Goff, but that is the best. The census records (as you know) can be deciphered as an I or a T or a J

Has anyone been researching this line? I would like to confirm that this is actually Calvin before going further.

Thank you for any information.
Kimberlee Burkhamer
Post your Query Here / Re: Goff/Gough-McDaniel Connection
« Last post by pgo1963 on November 06, 2013, 07:08:36 AM »
Hi Martha, please consider taking an autosomal DNA test, which can help to clarify your Goff/Gough lineage. Please let me know if you have questions. Thanks, Phil
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